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How Common is Premature Ejaculation Problem

As men become older, they will encounter more sexual related issues in their life. Some men will have a hard time to get an erection. Some others will be likely to lose control over their ejaculation. This is typically known in the medical world as premature ejaculation. Having premature ejaculation is not something that you need to be ashamed of. A lot of people have it, and now it can be treated entirely. Sadly, some people cannot manage it properly because they do not know what causes their premature ejaculation. Here we want to educate you on what is the causes of premature ejaculation that is commonly created it to help you deal with such issues.

Psychological Factor

Most people develop premature ejaculation through psychological factors in their body. When this is the case, there are no precise drugs that can be used to treat the early ejaculation. For instance, premature ejaculation can sometimes be linked to depression or stress that happens in your life. Whether it is work stress or from the study, all can affect your premature ejaculation.

It is also possible to develop premature ejaculation from a sexual anxiety with your partner. It can be that you are embarrassed about something in your body. Or you might be uncomfortable with your partner of sex, and it makes you lose control of your sexual pleasure.

Medical Causes

Psychological is not the only cause of premature ejaculation in men. Most men who develop premature ejaculation is caused by something physical or medical. Some of them would produce an early ejaculation because of hormonal imbalance in their body. This can happen because of other illness that you have in your body. Or this can also occur with the side effect of other medication that you take. Therefore, you should be aware that premature ejaculation can also be a symptom of other diseases in your body. Premature ejaculation can even happen if you once had some sexual injury in your life.

It is also possible that you are used to having a premature ejaculation while you were young. Due to it being embarrassing and you need to do it fast before getting caught, you are used to having a quick ejaculation. This habit can turn into something terrible, and it can be the primary cause of premature ejaculation when you are an adult.

How to Treat Premature Ejaculation

There are several ways of treating premature ejaculation. First, you must trace the roots of your problems. If it is something that is psychological, you cannot just take some drugs for it. You need to combat your mental issues first using a method such as relaxing, meditating, or doing yoga.

If your premature ejaculation is caused by something physical, you can see your doctor to treat it. If it is caused by something like hormone imbalance, the doctor can help you with some medication.

Something like the sexual injury will require a lot more treatment, but it can be cured by going to the physician.

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How Many Inches You Can Add to Your Penis Size Using Natural Penis Enlargement Methods

Many men are looking for a way to increase their penis size naturally. The question is, how many inches will you gain with natural penis enlargement methods? Worry not. Here we will talk about several natural penis enlargement methods and how many inches it is possible to gain. Let’s start.

Penis enlargement supplements

You can choose one of those penis enhancement supplements we have rated on this page. Our experts and our visitors vote for the most effective penis pill and leave their comments. You can filter products and choose the most appropriate product for yourself.


Kegel is very efficient exercise as it can enlarge the length as well as girth of the penis. It can also assist you with controlling your climax.

First, you need to find the PC muscle. At the first time, it may be a bit hard to locate this muscle as it is situated between the scrotum and the anus. To do this, go to the bathroom and begin pissing. Then, try to stop this process. You will feel the muscle gets tensed. That is this PC muscle. The second method to locate this muscle it is to shift your penis left and right it when it is erect. But you shouldn’t touch it.  To move your manhood, you need to contract the PC muscle.

How to do it:

  •  Contract and relax. In the beginning, try to do contract the muscle for 24 times and then relax it for 24 times. Rest for about 2 to 5 seconds. Repeat all the process five times. Beginners can do 15 and then increase the reps.
  •  Breathe and contract.  First, you have to squeeze you muscle little by little without rush. You need to contract PC muscle as much as you can. Then, hold your breath. Count until 20. Then you have to release the muscle. You should keep at least 25 seconds and try to reach 1 minute.
  •   Climb the hill. To do this, you start by holding your PC muscle softly. Keep it for 5 seconds. Then you need to squeeze the muscle stronger. When you contract the muscle with you maximum strength, keep it for 5 minutes. Repeat the whole process.

Read more about Kegels for men here – webmd.

Penis Stretching Exercise

This is another natural way to increase the size of your penis. Keep in mind that you won’t gain a lot in girth with the help of penis stretching.

Before you perform stretching, you need to ensure that you apply enough lube on your manhood. Always do this exercise with care as any error can induce skin irritation and pain.

How to do it:

  • Twirl method. To do this exercise, make an “OK” sign with your thumb and index finger. Next, grip the manhood just below the penis head.  Then stretch your organ in different directions. Do this gently and slowly. Then, turn your penis five times in each direction.
  • Pull and slap method.  After you shift your manhood in different directions, rest for 20 seconds. After that, slap your organ 15 times into your left hand and right leg.


Another popular exercise is the jelqing.

How to do it. Before you start jelqing, you need to lubricate your manhood well. When your organ shrivels during jelqing, stop and use the lube. To do this exercise, make an “OK” grip with your left hand. Grab your manhood at the beginning. Then with your right hand move your organ ahead. Next, do this with another hand.

How Many You Will Gain

With these exercises, if you are committed and do them consistently, it is possible to gain 1 to 2 inches in 30 days.

Why It Is So Important To Increase Sperm Volume

It is said that we were born out of just one head of sperm which ovulated the eggs while the rest died down. Despite so, it does not mean that having a low sperm count is okay for you. Having a small number of sperm volume can be pretty problematic for us men. It can bring you to a lot of issues relating to your sexuality and even your love life. You might be asking why is it so important to increase sperm volume? Well, here are some of the best answers that we can provide.

Increasing the chance of fertilization

You already know that only one head of sperm gets to fertilize the egg during ovulation. Despite so, it doesn’t mean that having a low sperm count would not make any difference for you. People like to think that each sperm would compete to get to the egg first to be able to fertilize it. However it is not correct, it is the other way around. All of that died sperm make ways for the one sperm that would fertilize the egg. For that very reason, the more sperm count you have, the bigger the chance of fertilization.

Stronger Orgasm

Low sperm count has been connected to less than the satisfying level of orgasm in many men. The fact is the more sperm count that you have in your body, the more pleasure you will get when you have an orgasm. You might be asking why? Orgasm is a way of our body to pump out the sperm through the contraction in our genitalia. The more sperm you are producing, the longer the pumping process and the longer the contraction of orgasm would be. In the other word, you are having a longer and more pleasurable orgasm by having a high sperm volume.

Read how to increase sperm volume on wikiHow.

Healthy Testosterone level

Another thing why having a high sperm count is important is because it has been said to relate to the degree of testosterone in your body. A low sperm count means that you also have a low testosterone level. And by having a low testosterone level, men would have so many different sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction and also premature ejaculation. For that very reason, you should watch the testosterone level in your body to avoid different kinds of sexual problems in your life.

Discover if you have a healthy testosterone levels by reading article on the menshealth.

Impressing your partner

The last reason might be a little trivial, but they are just as important especially if you are a single man. Sometimes when you ejaculate, having a high sperm count can impress your partner and you need to find out how to increase semen volume. Nothing is manlier than having a huge amount of sperm when you ejaculate during sex. Not only it means that it signifies manliness, but it also signifies the fact that you enjoy the sex with her. Subsequently, she will feel appreciated and even aroused just by looking at you doing that. That is why having a sperm count is important not only for your health but also for your social life.

Why Did FDA Not Approve Any Male Enhancement Pills?

If you are looking forward to using penis enhancement pills, you might be wondering about their safety. That’s right. Why didn’t the FDA approve them? According to FDA, men need to be cautious of falsely marketed dietary supplement that promises to enhance sexual performance. The reason is that because many of those supplements contain hidden drug ingredients. And those hidden drugs could ruin your health. If you’re looking for high trusted and clinically approved penis enhancement pills, you should visit this site

How many is “many”?

Yes, how many?

Thus far, the FDA reports found that hidden ingredients in nearly 300 products. All of those targeting men and sexual health. Among the ingredients are those discovered in the safe and legal prescription erectile dysfunction drugs. Including Cialis, Levitra, and Viagra.

So what makes the nonprescription enhancement supplements so dangerous? It is because they may contain excessively high doses of the active ingredients that are used in safe erectile dysfunction drugs. Not only that, but they may also include combinations of other drug ingredients. Thus, making the enhancement supplement into a dangerous drug cocktail.


One example is a sex enhancement supplement that the FDA found to contain 31 times of the prescription dose of tadalafil as well as an antidepressant that is not approved by the FDA. What is tadalafil? Tadalafil is an active ingredient in Cialis.

Another example is the detected presence of sildenafil combined with drugs that are used to treat heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes. All of them contain nitrates. And nitrates could cause a fatal drop in blood pressure.

Some of those products have as many as six different ingredients listed in FDA approved prescription drugs.

Typically, the products are (is)labeled as“herbal.” Or, “all-natural” alternatives to FDA-approved prescription drugs for erectile dysfunction treatment.

How to avoid

If you have in need of male enhancement pills, worry not. There are products that are safe, you can find the best ones at Find the ones that are FDA approved. Here we also have six red flags that you should look before considering trying male enhancement pills. What are they?

Here they are.

Red flags

Here are points that you need to watch before buying any male enhancement product that claims to enhance your sex life.

  1. The supplement promises quick results. Usually within 30 to 40 minutes
  2. The pills are advertised as an alternative to FDA-approved drugs
  3. The supplement is sold in a single serving pack
  4. The supplement is advertised via unsolicited emails and or spam
  5. The supplement label is printed in a foreign language
  6. The supplement label has directions and warnings that imitate those found on FDA-approved products

If you locate the product have those signs, it is best to avoid it. Read what FDA says about natural male enhancement.