Business Continuity concerns has grown since the 9/11 attacks and today the middle east is always facing the threat of a regional war, Natural Disaster etc…

Lebanon has faced 6 recent major events and most of the businesses, Government  and the community are suffering from those events.

Ask yourself is your business or organization, or you ready for the disaster day?

And take into considerations not only your personal safety also take also reputation, continuity of operations, human element, emergency management, crisis management communication management, Information technology etc.

BCME In Partnership with UNEP brings  a survey
FOR LEBANESE YOUTH (18-35 years old)
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Join us and Beirut Marathon on DEC 6 for the BLOM Beirut Marathon 09

Join us and Beirut Marathon on April 26 for HSBC EARTH RACE 09

Nearly 1 in 5 businesses suffer a major disruption every year. Yours could be next. With no recovery plan, you have less chance of survival.

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