Why It Is So Important To Increase Sperm Volume

It is said that we were born out of just one head of sperm which ovulated the eggs while the rest died down. Despite so, it does not mean that having a low sperm count is okay for you. Having a small number of sperm volume can be pretty problematic for us men. It can bring you to a lot of issues relating to your sexuality and even your love life. You might be asking why is it so important to increase sperm volume? Well, here are some of the best answers that we can provide.

Increasing the chance of fertilization

You already know that only one head of sperm gets to fertilize the egg during ovulation. Despite so, it doesn’t mean that having a low sperm count would not make any difference for you. People like to think that each sperm would compete to get to the egg first to be able to fertilize it. However it is not correct, it is the other way around. All of that died sperm make ways for the one sperm that would fertilize the egg. For that very reason, the more sperm count you have, the bigger the chance of fertilization.

Stronger Orgasm

Low sperm count has been connected to less than the satisfying level of orgasm in many men. The fact is the more sperm count that you have in your body, the more pleasure you will get when you have an orgasm. You might be asking why? Orgasm is a way of our body to pump out the sperm through the contraction in our genitalia. The more sperm you are producing, the longer the pumping process and the longer the contraction of orgasm would be. In the other word, you are having a longer and more pleasurable orgasm by having a high sperm volume.

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Healthy Testosterone level

Another thing why having a high sperm count is important is because it has been said to relate to the degree of testosterone in your body. A low sperm count means that you also have a low testosterone level. And by having a low testosterone level, men would have so many different sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction and also premature ejaculation. For that very reason, you should watch the testosterone level in your body to avoid different kinds of sexual problems in your life.

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Impressing your partner

The last reason might be a little trivial, but they are just as important especially if you are a single man. Sometimes when you ejaculate, having a high sperm count can impress your partner and you need to find out how to increase semen volume. Nothing is manlier than having a huge amount of sperm when you ejaculate during sex. Not only it means that it signifies manliness, but it also signifies the fact that you enjoy the sex with her. Subsequently, she will feel appreciated and even aroused just by looking at you doing that. That is why having a sperm count is important not only for your health but also for your social life.